You can buy a Day Pass anytime at Hatchways Front Desk, 8 AM-6 PM, Monday through Friday. Our $25 Day Pass grants you access to Hatchways until 7 PM the day of purchase. Ask about reduced day rates after 3pm!

Create your Hatchways account at home or when you check in on your first day.

It’s easy! Create an account at app.hatchways.com and enroll from there. We’re excited to have you join our community.

To connect to our public WiFi for up to two hours, ask a staff member of Hatchways café for login information onsite.

To connect to our secure, high-speed WiFi for the day, please do the following:

  1. Create a Hatchways account
  2. Check in at the Hatchways Desk
  3. Connect to the “Hatchways” WiFi network
  4. Use your Hatchways account credentials to connect to our secure network

Email your document to print@printme.com. You’ll receive a code, which you can enter into the printer to release your document.

Alternatively, you can send us your document through the chat function on app.hatchways.com. We can print and bring it to your seat.

All of our Meeting Spaces require a reservation. You can find our Meeting Space rental rates here.

Our Small Pods, Phone Booths, and 4-person Booths are first-come, first-serve. Usage is subject to House Rules.

Our Carrels + Seats are also first-come, first-serve – though Members can reserve them for free a day in advance.

You can book a meeting at Hatchways online with or without a membership! Non-Members can book meetings a day in advance, while Members can book up to three weeks in advance. See Membership options here.

Hourly rates vary based on room size. You can find rates and availability here.

Your guests do not need to purchase a Day Pass for the duration of their meeting at Hatchways. They can connect to our public WiFi for up to two hours or create an account to connect to our secure WiFi.

If your guests would like to stay in the space after your meeting is complete, we would ask them to please purchase a Day Pass at the Hatchways Desk.

No, it doesn’t. For other questions about Membership, feel free to email us at desk@hatchways.com, call 214.935.1655 or stop by anytime.

Hatchways Provides the following mail services to members:

Incoming mail: Hatchways can receive mail on behalf of you or your business. Please ensure your name/business name is indicated on all mail that is being received at Hatchways. Incoming mail will be kept at the front desk and can be picked up at your convenience.

Outgoing mail: Hatchways will facilitate sending mail as long as the mail has the necessary postage/labels. If you would like to send a package, please drop the package at the front desk by 3pm.

Note: we are only able to facilitate the sending of envelopes and small boxes. If you would like to send a medium/large size box, please schedule a pickup via the courier of your choice. 

 Shipping supplies: Hatchways will provide complimentary envelopes and small boxes for your use. We also have stamps for purchase. Please see the front desk representative to request/purchase shipping supplies.